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For months now it is the opinion of Business Retail Union Ireland (BRUI) that we are on the brink of another major recession caused by an uncaring and incompetent government
In fact it is our opinion that our leader is one of only a few people world wide that could have sank the Titanic before it reached the iceberg. Successive governments have destroyed and demoralised the productive economy in order to protect and placate the non productive economy

By the non productive… economy we mean the over staffed over paid non performing Public Sector and the financial services sector.
The divide between the private sector and the Public sector has never been so wide. The path been taken by this government could be described as economic suicide and this is backed by F F. The instigators of the last bust are back bigger and bolder than ever , rescued and backed by the blood sweat and tears of working class Ireland.

These crooks are guilty of crimes against the Irish people they remain unpunished and enjoy a life of privilege .
It’s time to come together and create an alternative Political system denied us for decades . Over the next few weeks we will give examples of what we believe is the destruction of working class Ireland and our vision for the people backed alternative Ireland.

We will have contributions from people like James Miller from the Public Banking Forum of Ireland and other groups that have put together ideas that would have major benefits for the Irish people and Ireland as a Nation.
We will also publish a list of very informed questions for the relevant Ministers to answer. We will demand straight forward answers and will not accept and will not tolerate roundabout answers with no substance.

Two important things necessary to achieve our goals are credibility and leverage which are plentiful in the productive economy as we are hard working tax payers and non paid tax collectors. We in BRUI have created the vehicle to bring people to an alternative Ireland and we call on people from all walks of life to come on board as alone we are nothing together we can move mountains and hold the people that have ruined our country accountable for their actions.
Brexit will not be accepted as an excuse for where we are .

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