Business Retail Union of Ireland. Focus on an Alternative Ireland.

Sadly, over the last number of decades we have watched Ireland being destroyed by incompetence and greed at an unprecedented level. We watch the working-class people being disenfranchised and sacrificed to the advantage of the chosen ones. The productive economy is being destroyed to fund an ever-growing non-productive economy with a sense of entitlement never witnessed before. This was emphasised in the news this week where a public sector worker sued for unfair dismissal having went to work for only 10 days in 2018 after missing 400 workdays during 2016 and 2017. The public body accepts that the absences were not monitored as carefully as they should have been in this case. We feel that Ireland is a disaster waiting to happen. One half of Ireland is expected to work long hours with no real prospects or lifestyle and a very small pension if any at the end of their working life to fund others to turn up to work when they want and receive large salaries and massive pensions in their fifties. We have now reached a point in Ireland where it no longer makes sense to work unless you are in the public sector which is no longer fit for purpose or affordable. We are heading towards the cliff edge hence the prospects of a general election. This generally results in Tweddle dee or Tweddle dumb returning to Dail Eireann, but rumours abound that it is going a mixture of both after the next election. God help us. There are so many hard working groups out there that need to come together in an organisation where they will not lose their identity but will fight under a common goal which would be to bring the people and organisations that have destroyed our country to justice and insure it never happens again. REMEMBER WE ARE ON THE BRINK OF AN ELECTION AND AFTER THAT IT WILL BE TOO LATE.

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