Commercial Rates

Commercial rates are collected under a poor law act going back to the 1800’s and has no place in present times. They are collected from the business sector only and do not take ability to pay, or any other acceptable criteria into account, only the size of a premises. Commercial rates are unconstitutional, immoral and unfair. Business owners have had stock removed from their premises on foot of court orders for failure to pay these draconian fees.

Successive governments have ignored this situation because rates are used to fund massive salaries and pensions in county councils which has historically been a breeding ground for politicians. We will make this one of our main priorities.

The business sector has had to reach a 100% efficiency level to survive and then hand over monies to an organisation where efficiency and accountability doesn’t exist. The reason given for the collection of rates is to provide services, the reality is different and it would appear these monies are being used by groups where self-preservation is their only goal.

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