Together we can make change

  • To mobilise a dormant giant and reverse the trend of business closures
  • To maximise our potential as a very important part of society by becoming viable entities where we can once again have job satisfaction for ourselves and our workforce which will in turn encourage more people into our sector to create sustainable jobs.
  • Improve our economy for the benefit of all not just the elite, together we can do this.
  • We intend through large numbers and small donations to work with the groups involved in the setting up of public banking to use our own revenues to fund our sector and no longer be reliant on a corrupt and greedy banking cartel.
  • We will do this by setting up a fully transparent fund monitored by a group of elected trustees, where all profits will go into the fund for the benefit of all. Remember that most of our sector have no pensions or representation.
  • Together we can change this and make our members proud again.

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