United We Stand

BRUI was founded with a number of specific goals in mind. These goals have got to be achieved to maintain present job numbers and create an environment where more sustainable jobs can be created in an ever changing economy.

Business in its present format is no longer sustainable, and can only be changed from within by a strong membership working together. We need to realise our enormous contribution to society, and use this to create a better future for our workers, families and ourselves. The present situation where our members work up to 100 hours a week to pay wages and taxes and are then left with nothing for themselves, can no longer be tolerated.

The business community have for too long, been used as unpaid tax collectors, only to hand over these revenues to quangos, to fund large salaries and pensions, while we receive absolutely nothing in return. We have listened to successive governments applaud the SME sector, unfortunately we cannot survive on plaudits.

We see the business community being slowly strangled by bad government and a non-functioning banking system. Our people are losing everything that they have spent a lifetime building and in some cases taking their own lives as a consequence. We as a group will do everything possible to stop this and save families from this intolerable grief.