NEWS 08/06/2020


BRUI calls for an immediate investigation into the financial affairs of Meath County Council to include the level of services they provide for the level of taxpayer’s money they receive.

An article in the Meath Chronicle dated 6th June 2020 in which council chief Ms Maguire states that a sharp fall in rates and other income could severely impact on local services provided by Meath county council clearly shows the fact that these people have no concept of what happens in the real world. The corona virus affected every member of society but unfortunately not in equal measures. The so-called providers of services received full pay whether at work or at home while the real workers received 350 euros per week.

Small business has for decades being used as a cash cow to keep public sector workers in unsustainable jobs while their own businesses were forced to close.     

The time is long overdue for councils nationally to be transparent as to where the taxpayer’s money is going and held accountable for same.

Meath county council should instead of looking for more taxpayer’s money look at cuts to top level staff salaries and be forced to make the necessary changes in savings and efficiencies like the businesses they have been responsible for closing all over the county.    

We are calling on Ms. Maguire to explain why she thinks she is worth a higher salary than most leaders in the European Union and to explain the eleven or so millions in miscellaneous expenses that accompany the rates bill every year. This money is hard earned taxpayer’s money paid in the expectation of a high level of services not to fund lifestyles of overpaid members of Meath county council.   

Ms Maguire states that rates and goods and services account for 56 percent of the council’s income. Question is what percent of revenue received by the council is spent on services and how many small businesses does it take to pay her salary. Remember business will survive and grow without Meath county council whereas Meath county council will not survive without business.

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