NEWS 12/06/2020

                                                OUR FUTURE IS IN OUR OWN HANDS.

Following on from our last post and the fantastic positive response we received we will now move on to our vision for a better future to include a fairer and equal society for all.  

There are numerous issues involved and today we will address a few of these. A major problem in our country is the power of our present banking system which is being encouraged instead of being addressed by the main political parties. Remember the part played by our insolvent banking system in the destruction of our economy over the last couple of decades. They have been bailed out on numerous occasions by the hard working over taxed workers of Ireland and in most cases are still trading while insolvent. These are the people that can decide whether an individual or company gets a loan or mortgage. They have the power to destroy peoples credit rating while they themselves are broke. They hand pick whom they want to give money to while deserting others.

In our last article we tried to highlight the massive divide between the treatment given to the public sector verses the contempt with which the private sector is held. Remember the private sector could survive and prosper without the public sector whereas the public sector would disappear without the private sector. All members of the private sector otherwise known as the productive economy have been taxed to the brink to subsidize a non-functioning public sector otherwise known as the non-productive economy.  

Our reward for this is a refusal of credit to the private sector while the bailed out insolvent banks roll out the red carpet with tailor made loans for members of the non-productive public sector. Wake up folks before its too late. We are calling for a public banking system to be rolled out all over Ireland where all banks profits are spent in the local economy and not on massive salaries and bonuses for fat cat bankers. Join us at and make a difference.  It is our intention along with numerous other groups to highlight the waste unfairness corruption and lack of transparency in our society in order to provide a fairer society for all.

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