NEWS 15/02/2020

First, we lost our sovereignty to Europe and now we have lost our democracy to corruption and greed. Who would have thought it would ever come to this.

The non-connected people of Ireland have for decades been enslaved by two of the most corrupt political parties in Europe akin to sewer rats. The onslaught of abuse directed at every other party or individual both before and after the election was unprecedented in political history and eloquently commented on by retired Fianna Fail TD Mary O Rourke who herself seemed ashamed.

So far, the party with the most first preference votes has been torn to shreds regarding their past involvement in the dark history of violence in the north of Ireland and secondly their policy issues.

RTE certainly showed their thanks for their fifty million taxpayer funded bailout by their blatant one-sided coverage of the election and practically excluding every other candidate from their debates. This was the exact opposite to the hatchet job they performed on Sean Gallagher when they used Martin McGuiness to put Michael D Higgins in as president who was obviously theirs or someone else’s preferred choice.    

A new plot is now being hatched by FF. and FG. to convince the people of Ireland that they have listened to the voters and can now fix health and housing despite displaying complete incompetence in both over the last number of decades.

Why is there such panic by these people to keep the status quo? Is there something we should know about their handling of the economy? Or what else are they hiding. Is Sinn Fein manifesto page 106 the real reason the rats are on the attack. It states, TD’s salary reduced from 96,189 to 75,000 and Senator’s salaries reduced from 68,189 to 60,000 and the Taoiseach and minister’s allowance to be halved.

These cross party crooks should be interned for the abuse of power they have displayed.

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