NEWS 4/11/2020

Join us at 30/10/2020

Dear Colleagues of B R.U.I.

I’m delighted to be finally on board and equipped to serve as P.R.O. of Business Retail Union Ireland as we strive to claim back the entitled benefits and prosperity for our productive economy from the non-productive economy that serves as a catalyst for the corruption, unaccountability and corporate/ self-serving government we have in Ireland for far too long. This has been destroying the heart and soul of the productive economy which is the real and true dynamic that should drive a country’s economic fortune.

I will just give a summary of how I came to be a part of our Organisation. It was during my time campaigning for last year’s local election for Aontu that I met Joe again ( whom I had known previously )who was trying to make his cause known and he filled me in on what was happening at the front line in the S.M.E sector and the devastating consequences this was having on our community.  As someone who has mostly commuted to work in the last 25 years I was hearing stories rather than knowing the reasons for business closures and the tragic effect this was having on families not to mention the negative social impact on communities especially in the last few years.  I was absolutely astounded to learn all this and would have done all in my power to try to stop this if elected.  Seeing that Political Parties were serving elected politicians only I resigned from Aontu in April this year and have been in touch with Joe through a number of meetings where we invited members of numerous other groups with the same common goals as ourselves  to come together to make the necessary changes for a better future for all and bring those that have ruined our country to justice.

I cannot begin to imagine the devastation suffered as a result of 2 lockdowns we are experiencing in a 7-month period as the people telling us to lockdown have not been compromised in any way but have gained the benefit of pay rises and full pay while supposedly working from home. It’s time now more than ever to stand together because we feel the country that you and I once knew is been taking over and this pandemic is being used as a smokescreen to do just that right before our eyes.

Remember they were doing this corrupt regulation of business before this so-called pandemic. We the taxpayers bailed out banks from 2008 and have suffered continuously from business closures to bank repossessions at an enormous cost financially mentally and physically not to mention a huge rise in suicide levels. If we go back to the second last presidential election the main political parties made suicide a main priority and once the election was over suicide was never mentioned despite a massive increase in numbers. These so-called politicians have blood on their hands and need to be punished not rewarded.  If you want your way of life, integrity and self-respect back you must take it back and not wait or hope that it will change, I promise you that it won’t.Over the next few Saturdays, I will be trying to meet as many business proprietors and employees as possible. I’m interested in your views and problems and I want to show you a clear vision of how a better way forward in business and life is possible with well-constructed viable plans from our organisation here at B.R.U.I. will succeed.Remember We don t need Corruption Cartel Ireland as much as they need us.  I look forward to meeting and hopefully welcoming you on board.

Des Doran

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