1. The ranking of the insolvent world bank of Revenue is a clap on the back from their actual true employers. All tax collected is to repay government borrowing and not directly fund services as was stated by revenue. Government has no money of its own, only what it steals from the people in the form of taxes, which it does under threat of fines or incarceration for non payment. All monies collected under threat of force is nothing short of theft no matter how it is dressed up.
    In 1910/13 America was at the time one of the most modern and powerful nations on the planet and while having all the services we are told we need to be taxed for, America at that time did not have an income tax system. Income tax was introduced around the same time that governments surrendered the right to issue currency and handed that right to the banks and thus government debt began.

    A more pertinent question for revenue would be to ask for a copy of the law that exists that states that the payment of tax is mandatory and not voluntary. It would also be interesting to enquire as to the definition of income. Revenue rely on acts which are not law but acting as law.
    They don’t become law without consent

    1. Hi John. Appreciate your comment and as we are totally voluntary always looking for help in the mammoth challenge we face to insure a fairer Ireland for our grand kids.

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